The restaurant that sparked this idea...

Alex here! This past Saturday, Kate and I went to brunch at a recently opened restaurant in White Marsh-Middle River called Michael's Cafe. We were super excited (and hungry of course) to try out a new spot. We got there a few minutes after it opened (around 10 am) and were instantly blown away by the wall art and the vibes of the place! When we were seated, it only took us a relatively short amount of time to figure out what we wanted as an appetizer: the "Bacon Trifecta". As described on the menu it was a "smorgasbord of applewood, jalapēno, & maple sesame bacon". With high hopes, the bacon finally arrived at the table and we were shocked by the instant crunchiness and amazing flavor of the bacon. The jalapēno was a bit spicy (as we expected), but our favorite was the maple sesame bacon which had a sort of Thai chilé sauce drizzled on top. We give the "Bacon Trifecta" a definite 10/10! After devouring the bacon, it was time to order our main courses. Kate was between two very different options (the "Lemon Ricotta" pancakes and the "Hulk Smash"), but our waitress weighed in on her decision and she ended up ordering the "Hulk Smash". To elaborate on the "Hulk Smash", it had 6-minute eggs (except Kate subbed in scrambled eggs), prosciutto di parma, guacamole, olive oil, aleppo, basil all on toasted brioche bread. Personally, I took to a different route and chose a protein-heavy breakfast of steak and eggs (as pictured above)! I was able to choose between four different steak options (a Prime NY Strip, Prime Filet Mignon, Prime Bavette Steak, and a Bone-In Ribeye), but ended up choosing the 7-ounce Prime Filet Mignon. I got my eggs over-easy and instead of the homefries (that it usually comes with), I got a side of breakfast sausage! Our meals were out of this world and the portion for the price was awesome too! We would both say that our meals were close to, if not a 10/10. Our only negative was the breakfast sausage which tasted a bit bland, but hey it was just a side to complement our tasty main dishes! We hope to definitely make another trip to Michael's to try other options on the diverse menu, but for now, we 100% recommend this newly opened café!

Ps: We also got cappuccinos and did not even bother putting sugar in them, because they were not bitter whatsoever AND super smooth (definitely recommend trying a cup)!

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